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One Broadway: Tappin' 21 **BACK CAMERA DVD**

One Broadway: Tappin' 21 **BACK CAMERA DVD**

ALTERNATE EDIT - BACK CAMERA ONLY - NO CLOSE UPSThe full show as shot from the BACK CAMERA ONLY. Just the single wide shot without the fancy editing; see the full stage and your dancer at all times. Includes highlight video and opening video. Included: 1 set of DVDs One Broadway Dance Academy's  Tappin 21 "Spectacular Spectacular" show, held on May 29-30, 2021, at The Hershey Lodge. 

    The back cam only version is an alternate look, most often choosen by choreographers, teachers, or anyone who wants to see the whole stage at all times.   The entire show as seen by the last row back camera.  There are no medium and closeup shots, so most patrons should consider the other regular DVD or Blu-ray.


    Product usually ships by 6-8 weeks after last performance.  Standard flat rate per order.   Check back on this site to see status of the project.


    Archived event.  Custom order is available.

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